One of the most fascinating features of Madagascar is its incredible biodiversity. Another is the Indian Ocean, where you can go diving when we arrive in the port of Tamatave.

The port of Tamatave, formerly Toamasina, which in Malagasy meant "salty", is located in the eastern part of the island of Madagascar. At one time, the town of Tamatave was settled by pirates, but today it is the main port of the country. During the stay you can explore the city by rickshaw or tuk tuk. Don't miss a visit to the Ivoloina park, which is an area that protects lemurs and ensures their reintegration into the wild. Another experience that can’t be missed is to find yourself totally alone on the Ile aux Prunes. Finally, Tamatave is an excellent opportunity to go for a swim in the Indian Ocean.

Not to be missed:

• Visit to the Parco Ivoloina

• Explore Tamatave by rickshaw or tuk tuk

• Bazaar Be market