Before leaving on your cruise

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board once again to experience La Dolce vita. Before you start your vacation, there is some important information you must complete and be aware of.

MyCosta- Online Check-in

On MyCosta Guests may:
- review all details of their reservation
- review shipboard services
- complete final check-in 72 hours prior to embarkation,
- access link to the Passenger Locator Form (required for all Guests entering Italy)
- receive Tickets and Boarding Passes
- receive Boarding time assignment

To note: All Guests must check-in 72 hours prior to embarkation 

72 hours prior to embarking, on, the Online check-in will open for you to complete. Please complete all forms in their entirety. Everyone in the cabin, except for minors (under 18), must login to MyCosta and fill out the form themselves. Once completed, you will receive a boarding time.

Passenger locator form

Starting from May 24, 2021, all visitors entering Italy, regardless of the length of your stay and means of transportation used are requested to fill the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

To complete the form, please follow the instructions below:
1. Access the website
2. Follow the guided procedure to access the PLF
3. Select "Italy" as the destination country
4. Create your personal account with a username and password
5. Fill out and send the PLF
6. You will receive to your email address the PLF in a pdf as well as a QR code
7. Show your QR code from your smartphone to Immigration Authorities to enter Italy or at embarkation; alternatively you can print a copy of your PLF

The form should be filled by each adult. Minors should be registered on the accompanying adult's PLF.

For an illustrative version of the instructions please click here 

FAQs for Future Cruise Credit Voucher

If you had a cancelled cruise in March-December 18, 2020 and have not received your Future Cruise Credit voucher for your cancelled cruise, please contact 1-800-GO-COSTA (1-800-462-6782). October-December 18,2020 vouchers have been sent to the email on record.


Does the future cruise credit voucher equal to the amount I paid for the cruise?

The amount of the voucher reflects at a minimum the amount that was collected by Costa. The final amount will be communicated to you.

Will the voucher have the penalty amount taken out at the time of cancellation?

No, the penalty has been removed.

Who will the voucher made out to?

The voucher is made out to the primary contact guest of the booking.

Can I use the voucher on multiple bookings?

Yes, the same voucher can be used for the purchase of several new cruises until its amount is exhausted. In any case, the bookings must be have a sailed by December 31, 2023.

Is the voucher transferable?

No, the voucher is not transferable.

Until when is the voucher valid and on which departures can it be used?

The Voucher must be used on sailings with a departure by December 31, 2023.

How can I check my voucher status and amount?

There are two ways to check your status, either via your travel agent or by calling 1-800-Go-Costa.

How can I use the voucher?

If booked through a travel agency, you can only redeem the voucher through the same agency. If you booked directly with Costa, you can redeem the voucher by calling 1-800-Go-Costa.

Can I request a refund instead of the voucher?

No, the voucher is a future cruise credit which allows you to apply it on a future booking. The voucher allows you to continue to visit the world plus a bonus to spend on cabin category upgrades and itinerary options. If you choose to deny the voucher and forfeit its greater value you will only receive 100% of the payment Costa has collected in the original form of payment. To submit your request please fill out the Refund Request form here.
Refund will be issued no earlier than 90 days after the request.

Does the voucher cover all costs including insurance, any visas, other costs?

No, the voucher only applies to the Cruise fare. It does not cover other services added to the booking.

If the voucher amount is greater than the total amount of the new booking, is it possible to get a refund for the excess amount?

No, but the higher voucher amount does allow for date and category upgrade flexibility.

If there is an excess amount in the voucher, can it be used on another booking?

Yes, the remaining amount can be used on another booking until the full amount of the voucher is exhausted prior to its expiration date.

Can I use the voucher for onboard services?

No, the voucher only applies to the cruise fare.

Can the voucher be used on all rates?

Yes, the voucher can be used on any rate.

Can I use this voucher on a cruise that I have currently booked?

If your future cruise booking has not been paid in full, you may apply this voucher to that booking.

I have not received my voucher, who should I contact?

All Future Cruise Credit vouchers were sent to the primary guest contact email that was provided. If you are the primary guest and did not receive an email, please call our call center at 1-800-GO-COSTA (1-800-462-6782) for your voucher details. If you had a cancelled cruise in October-December 18,2020, vouchers have been sent to the email on record.


The Costa Safety Protocols

To make your experience an unforgettable holiday in complete serenity, our health and safety team and a group of independent scientific experts have developed the Costa Safety Protocol.